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An is the Founder and Managing Director of BECS, a training company that delivers custom-made courses in business skills, management skills and health skills worldwide. BECS is an accredited London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Exam Centre. She oversees all departments and is heavily involved with sales and marketing. An also designs course material and delivers training to VIP clients.

An qualified as a teacher in 1994 and spent many years teaching in primary, secondary, special needs and language schools in Devon, UK. She also got involved in adult education and became a Senior Lecturer at Exeter University.

In 2000 she lost her voice so she found a job at Nortel Networks Opto-Electronics. An liaised between her production team and management. She attended and organised meetings, wrote business reports, technical reports and minutes. An was also responsible for Human Resources issues in her team and provided a link to different departments. This position gave her an insight into company culture and the running of a large international company.

After two years at Nortel she felt her voice was good enough again to start teaching again. She moved to Brussels and worked as a corporate business trainer for two years. In 2004 she set up BECS which proved to be a big success in the Arabic Gulf, especially in Kuwait where she became a Director of the British Business Forum. She set up and chaired the BBF Businesswomen group and co-founded the International Women Network Kuwait.

An realised that absenteeism caused by work-related stress is a big problem. The media is full of mental health, burnout and suicide stories so An signed up for a clinical diploma course that focuses on the psychology of mental health problems and she graduated as a Psychotherapist. BECS now also offers brain based training and coaching delivered by a team of psychotherapists.

An also wanted the general public to benefit so BECS now also publishes books and offers online training and coaching for individuals.

For more on this, check out the BECS website www.becsltd.com.